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Emerging Waddler Program

Our Emerging Waddler Program ages 12 months to 18 months focuses on your child’s natural need and desire to explore their new and changing world. Our Emerging Waddler Program will continue to meet the needs of your child, while offering your child a safe environment where they can move freely and explore. Teachers will begin to incorporate colors and shapes into art projects, songs and sensory play. Daily story time will spark your child’s imagination, introducing literacy skills and early language. Our Emerging Toddlers will be assisted with basic self-help skills such as holding their own bottle or sippy cup, and begin learning about basic hygiene with assisted handwashing.



In Toddlerville ages 18 months to 3 years your child is working on becoming independent! Our Toddlerville Program will assist your child in the development of self-help skills as they continue to discover their world through daily routines, messy and active play. We will use developmentally appropriate practice and weekly themed curriculum adhering to New York State Early Learning Guidelines. Appropriate art experiences for creative exploration, various manipulatives to mature cognitive and physical skills and expression, as well as building blocks, music, and books fill our Toddlerville Program Classroom. 

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