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Preschool Program | 3 Year-Olds

Our Preschool Program for 3 Year-Olds focuses on improved coordination and cognitive abilities as the world begins to open up for preschoolers. Purposeful play is the core of our preschool programming. Our programming begins each day with a morning meeting time to discuss the day’s activities, review the calendar and talk about the weather. In morning centers, children work in small groups navigating through choice-centered learning stations. 

Our preschool program offers children the opportunities for hands-on experiences that support creativity, social skills, problem solving and thinking critically. Foundational fine and gross motor coordination will 

mature during art, music, and outdoor activity, all which are a part of our daily routine. Lastly, our preschool programming develops lifelong literacy, mathematical foundations and social engagement skills.


Universal Pre-Kindergarten | 4 Year-Olds

Our Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program for 4 year olds is all about Kindergarten preparation! Since 1998 the Kids R Us Early Learning Center in conjunction with the Saranac Lake Central School District has offered a highly successful program. Our Kinder-Ready program starts with a daily morning message and continues with small and large group learning experiences. Our program goals are focused on providing your child with a solid foundation in the academic skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum is framed by the CKLA and Bridges curriculum, a nationally-recognized, scientifically-based program that supports your child in the development of multiple areas of emerging math and literacy skills needed for school. We supplement this curriculum with additional programming in the areas of science, art, music, as well as small and gross motor development.

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