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What You Need to Know



The KIDS "R" US Early Learning Center serves children from 6 weeks to 12 years. 

Upon enrollment, the parent/guardian is encouraged to bring the child to the Center for one or more visits before the child begins the first day.

*Please call and schedule a time for a visit with the Administrator. 

Please note listed center holidays are considered paid holidays for all enrollees regardless of attendance. A full day (1) rate will be assessed for each listed holiday. All enrollees in the school age program and before/after UPK program are expected to attend on days when the SLCSD is not in session.  A surcharge for full day care will be assessed.  

The Center is open from 7:15 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Please allow sufficient time to converse with staff regarding your child's day, collect your belongings, etc... and depart by 5:30 . 

Additional Information

  • Financial Information for Parents
    DEPT.OF SOC.SERVICES/STUDENT SUBSIDY Income qualified families may apply to Essex or Franklin County to receive information for child care subsidy. Please ask the Administrator for additional information. PAYMENT POLICY A contract/discussion will be established upon enrollment of the child at the Center which outlines the payment procedures. The parent/guardian will be responsible for paying tuition even when a child is absent. A two week written notice for withdrawal is required. Children are not allowed to make up sick days or missed days due to holidays/center closures. Payment is due each Monday AM for the upcoming week. There will be a $10.00 late fee for payment made after 12:00 pm. unless prior arrangements are made. Weekly invoices will be sent to your email account via Quickbooks each Monday AM. Tuition payments may be paid by cash/check or via Square in the Center Office. Parents are not to exceed 9.5 hours per day of childcare unless there are extenuating emergency circumstances that result in this. A $25 fee will be charged for any returned checks. The Center will terminate services to the parent/guardian and child and will notify them in writing if any of the following occur: An account more than one week past due does not have an acceptable repayment schedule worked out within one week. Repayment schedule is not satisfactorily adhered to. **There is no tuition reduction for emergency closures, snow days, or closures or quarantines due to COVID-19.
  • Fee Schedule
    The Fee will be determined upon site visit and review of requested schedule.
  • Changes in Schedule
    A two week prior written notice must be given before a child is to be withdrawn permanently. Full fees will be assessed regardless of attendance during this time. In the event the Center must be closed due to weather conditions or other emergencies, an update will be provided to the Center’s Facebook Page in addition to a Center wide email.
  • Arrivals/Departures
    UPON ARRIVAL The parent/guardian/designee must always bring the child into the Center, and help him/her off with outerwear, and place it in the child's designated cubby with an extra set of clothes, diapers, etc... There will be a sign-in and sign-out book in the entry of both buildings with a section for your child. Please sign-in and note time, date, and person picking up the child if other than parent/guardian. DEPARTURE Please sign-out in the book noting the time on your child's sheet. No child will be released to a person not previously authorized by the parent/guardian. The Center will have on file, a form signed by the parent as to who is allowed to pick up the child. Photographs of these individuals may be provided and attached to the signed authorization. LATE PICK-UP POLICY The Center closes at 5:30pm. A late fee of $5.00 plus $1.00 per minute will be charged after 5:35 pm. In the event of an emergency and you are unable to pick up your child at 5:30, it is imperative that the Center be notified immediately. Your emergency contact will be notified in the event you are unable to call.
  • Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
    Each child must have a complete physical examination by a physician. The exam must have been completed within 90 days prior to enrollment. Any medical conditions shall be discussed with the Administrator and staff, if necessary. MEDICATIONS A signed health care provider order is required to administer any prescription. . This includes both oral and topical medication. For over the counter topical medication where instructions from the child's health care provider are not required, the parents instructions for administration must be consistent with any directions for use noted on the original container. If the instructions are not consistent, written instructions from the child's health care provider are required. All forms are available in the office. In the event that your child becomes "actively ill" during the day, The Director or teachers will notify you to pick up your child as soon as possible. The center is not equipped or staffed to accommodate an ill child for an extended period of time. You will be contacted if your child exhibits signs and symptoms of a contagious disease described by the Board of Health, such as: fever above 101', orally 2 instances of diarrhea within 24 hours vomiting heavy coughing and/or thick nasal discharge swollen glands and sore throat earache abdominal pain unexplained rash red, pink, or runny eyes unusual drowsiness infections and infestations: impetigo, conjunctivitis, scabies, etc.
  • Regulations
    There is a complete copy of the New York State Department of Social Services Early Learning Center regulations posted in the office, available for all parents to read.
  • Child Protective Service Reporting and Procedure
    In accordance with the N.Y.S. Social Service Law and for the protection of the children, each employee or person working in the Center must be cleared with the NY State Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment to determine if he/she is the subject of an indicated report. In addition, if any staff member sees or suspects any form of child physical or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or maltreatment and neglect, he/she is mandated by New York State to report suspected cases of abuse to the Central Registry or appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  • Helpful Hints for a Smooth Adjustment
    BE AWARE - of your own feelings. Don't pass your anxieties on to your child. BE FIRM - "Goodbye, I'm leaving now. I love you." Never say "Is it okay if I leave now?" BE SPECIFIC - Young children have a hazy sense of time. "I'll see you right after snack" is better than "I'll be back later." BE THERE - Don't betray your child's trust. If you're going to be late or if someone else will be picking your child up be sure to let your child know. REMEMBER - Be consistent about deliveries and pick-up, use rituals and routines, let the care giver invite your child into the group, and don't rush out the door.
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